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Friday, April 15 2005

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Herbal Science adds production lines to meet growing demand

April 14 2005

IN AN effort to capitalise on the strong growth in demand for natural healthcare products, Herbal Science Sdn Bhd will this year add another 10,000 sq ft of production space following the recent acquisition of a new factory.

The additional space will be used to house several new production lines to make liquid herbal supplements and anti-ageing sprays and drops for the export market.

Demand for these types of products has been growing at a tremendous pace in many Asian countries, particularly China, the company said in a statement.

High-tech film coating machines have also been installed at all its factories to improve the quality of the tablets produced.

Managing director Tan Pye Sen said the new factory is located within the same industrial area that hosts its current factory complex in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

“We are comfortable operating in Taman Medan as the area provides us with a steady stream of local production personnel. We need not have to use imported labour,” he said.

Herbal Science started with one production line in the early 1990s, and it has grown to 10 lines as at last year. The total number of lines is expected to increase to 15 after the inclusion of the new factory.

The company now has the capacity to manufacture all dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, sachets, sprays, drops in a variety of packaging sizes.

Herbal Science is involved in developing and manufacturing health and beauty products.

Products that the company make generate sales revenue for its customers in excess of RM100 million annually, mainly through local and foreign pharmacies, distributors and direct-selling companies.

“Many of our distribution partners are now exporting our products to Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Philippines,” Tan said.

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