Capsule Manufacturing

Capsules allow for delivery of actives without any unpleasant tastes and odours that some individual ingredients have. They are easy to swallow, can be individually branded, provide accurate dosages and require less excipients than tablets.

Popular capsule types:

Gelatin Capsules

Use for collagen (a soft protein that connects the muscles, tendons, skin, and bones of cows) to protect your formulation.

Vegetarian Capsules

A 100% vegetarian shell that works as well as any gelatin-based capsule.

Branded Capsules

It can distinguish your formulation with your brand beautifully printed on the capsule.

Delayed-Release Capsules

Protect sensitive formulations from stomach acids for release in the small intestines. This allows for a slow and gentle release. Perfect for any formulation that may upset the stomach, causing unwanted side effects.

Representative (approximate) Capsule Sizes Capsule Size Typical Fill Weights(mg)
Actual Fill Weights may vary and depend on powder characteristics
Powder Density
0.45 (Light) 0.70 (Typical) 1.00 (Heavy)
capsules-sketch 000 615 960 1370
00 430 665 950
0 305 475 680
1 225 350 500
2 165 260 370
3 135 210 300
4 95 145 210
5 60 90 130

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