Tablet Manufacturing

Tablets can offer larger dosage sizes than capsules, and can delay absorption for optimal delivery if they are coated correctly. The most popular tablet types are:


For ingredients that need to bypass the liver, sublingual tablets work perfectly. Once placed under the tongue, they dissolve in the mouth and enter the bloodstream, making the ingredients more effective.

Coated or Uncoated

Each coating serves a purpose. Sugar coatings help mask any unpleasant bitterness/off-putting tastes, for instance. Generally, coatings help keep the tablet intact until the formulation needs to be delivered.

Delayed Release

Sensitive ingredients need to be protected from corrosive stomach acid. Delayed-release tablets remain intact until they reach the small intestines where they can provide the greatest benefit.


After coming into contact with a liquid, these tablets break down into a foamy froth (due to the release of carbon dioxide), allowing for the rapid delivery of ingredients.


Perfect for any age, these tasty tablets can be quickly chewed and rapidly delivered.

However, not all ingredients can be pressed into tablet form, and generally tablets require higher amounts of excipients and binders compared with capsules. Speak with our research and development team to learn more.

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