Powder Manufacturing

If your formulation requires a higher dose than what is achievable with capsules and tablets, powder supplements can be your answer. 

Various sachet shapes, sizes & material

Sachets are great options for brands seeking unique and convenient packaging for their products. Our custom sachets can be digitally printed using high-quality rollstock films, giving your brand a premium look and feel with best-in-class performance.

Many consumers prefer to try single serve sachet packaging before they purchase full-sized packages. Or they’d like the convenience of smaller sizes for traveling. Daily dose and single-use packets are a great marketing tool to encourage low-risk trials while increasing brand awareness. High barrier, puncture-resistant films are attractive features for frequent travellers.

Various shapes and sizes of cans, jars, bottles in different materials

Powders in bottles with a scoop are useful for formulas that require larger and more variable dosage sizes.

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